Economist Job Description [Free Templates]

Looking for a Economist Job Description? An economist is a social scientist who studies the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services. They use analytical and statistical methods to study economic data and develop theories and models to explain economic phenomena. Economists typically work in government, academia, or the private sector.

The key requirements for becoming an economist include strong analytical and mathematical skills, as well as the ability to read, write, and think critically. economists must be able to understand and identify relationships between economic variables. They must also be able to communicate their findings to a variety of audiences in both written and oral formats.

The duties of an economist vary depending on their employer, but generally involve conducting research, analyzing data, developing theories and models, writing reports and papers, and giving presentations. Economists may also be involved in policymaking or teaching at the collegiate level.

The skills that are essential for success as an economist include: critical thinking, problem solving, quantitative analysis, communication, presentation, research, and writing. Strong computer skills are also important, as economists often use software programs to analyze data and develop models.

Here are some Economist Job Description Samples below to help you to be successfull in this field.

Economist Job Description

We are a leading economic research and consulting firm. We work with central banks, governments, and the private sector on a wide range of topics related to macroeconomics, fiscal policy, monetary policy, and financial stability.

Job Description:

  • Conducting analysis on macroeconomic trends and their implications for central banks, government policymakers, and the private sector
  • Writing research reports on a variety of topics in economics and finance
  • Contributing to the development of econometric models used in our analyses
  • Assisting in the design and delivery of training courses for clients
  • Supporting our consulting projects by conducting economic analysis and contributing to project deliverables such as policy memos and presentations

The Successful Applicant:

  • A Master’s or PhD degree in Economics from a top university
  • Strong analytical skills with experience working with large data sets
  • Excellent written communication skills in English
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language (e.g., Python, R, Matlab)

Offer Details:

  • Competitive salary and benefits package including health insurance, 401k match, etc.

Economic analyst job description

We are market leader in providing economic analysis and consulting services.As we have headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices across the United States. We have a team of over 100 economists and analysts who provide consulting services to government agencies, corporations, law firms, and nonprofit organizations.

Job Description:
The economic analyst job description provides an overview of the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly performed by economic analysts working in most companies.

  • Conducts research on economic indicators such as inflation rates, gross domestic product (GDP), employment levels, balance of trade, etc.
  • Identifies trends in data sets and writes reports that explain their findings to clients
  • Recommends investment strategies to clients based on their findings from research
  • Provides testimony before governmental committees on behalf of clients
  • Advises clients on policy issues that may impact their business interests
  • Keeps abreast of developments in the field of economics through reading professional journals and attending conferences

The Successful Applicant will:

  • Have a strong understanding of microeconomics and econometrics
  • Be able to effectively communicate complex economic concepts to non-economists
  • Be proficient in statistical software programs such as STATA or R
  • Have excellent writing skills

Offer Details:

  • This is a full time position with a salary range of $85-$115K per year depending on experience level.
  • The company also offers excellent benefits including health insurance, 401k matching, and paid vacation days.

Economic consultant job description

As the world’s largest consulting firm, We have advised some of the most prominent organizations across a wide array of industries. They are now looking for an Economic Consultant to join their team in London.

Job Description:

  • As an Economic Consultant, you will provide economic analysis and advice to clients on a variety of projects including mergers and acquisitions, competition cases, financial regulation, and market design.
  • You will also be involved in the development of new products and services, as well as contributing to thought leadership pieces.
  • This is a varied role which will offer the chance to work on interesting projects with high-profile clients.

The Successful Applicant:

  • To be successful in this role you will have strong academic credentials, ideally a Masters or PhD in Economics.
  • You will also have previous experience working as an Economist in either consultancy or industry.
  • Finally, you should be proficient in Excel and Stata/EViews.

Offer Details:

  • Salary up to £100k depending on experience
  • Generous pension contribution
  • Private healthcare –
  • Annual bonus

Economic researcher job description

We are a leading global provider of economic research, data, and analysis. We help clients make informed decisions on key issues affecting their businesses and economies. Our company’s products and services include country reports, sector-specific analyses, macroeconomic forecasts, and microeconomic data.

Job Description:

  • Conduct economic research on countries in the European Union
  • Analyze economic data to identify trends and develop forecasts
  • Write reports on findings and present recommendations to clients
  • Stay up to date on developments in the European Union and other regions as needed

The Successful Applicant:

  • Master’s degree or higher in economics or a related field
  • 2+ years of experience conducting economic research
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify trends in data
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Fluency in English; proficiency in another language spoken in the European Union is preferred but not required

Offer Details:

  • Salary based on qualifications and experience
  • Generous benefits package including health insurance, retirement savings plan, paid time off


The Economist job description can be demanding, but it is also a very rewarding career. If you are interested in becoming an economist, make sure you have the proper skills and qualifications. We hope this blog post was helpful and gave you a good idea of what the job entails. Good luck in your job search!

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